Hardwood Floor

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Wood Floor Care Info

Types of Finishes available: Polyurethane or Waterborne

Choices of Gloss, Semi-gloss or Satin Sheens

Tips on New or Reconditioned Floors

* Drying time will depend on temperature conditions.

*When floor is dry it may be walked on, in socks, for two weeks.

* All furniture must rest on felt protectors (available at most hardware stores.)

* Felt protectors must be checked periodically for wear.

* Floor may be cleaned after three weeks, using purified water with spray bottle, and a clean, dry, soft towel. Spray lightly and wipe dry.

* Do not lay large, heavy, area rugs on floor for 30 days, allowing ample cure time.

* For maximum durability the finished floor can be kept clean, day-to-day, by using a dry dust mop.

*When moving a fridge or any large appliances, always use an appliance dolly.

*NEVER allow anyone to roll fridge out unless a square 3' by 3' of 1/4" plywood is used in front of it's wheels for protection.

* Recoating of hardwood floors involves screening the top layer of finish, cleaning thoroughly and applying a new coat of finish to the surface. This process is done when the floor loses its sheen, especially in high traffic areas.

*NEVER USE ANY WAX, PLEDGE OR OIL BASE PRODUCT ON THE FLOOR. This will contaminate the finish and recoating will not be an option.